Monday, 6 June 2011

Boys and Girls

It is shocking that boys are preferred over girls in modern society. Who would think that with the uprising of modern technology such as ultrasound would cause this problem in society. Women in India are being threatened to give birth to a boy or their in laws would force their husband to divorce them. Is it really that important to carry down the family name that it means to kill a life? Personally I think abortion is wrong and shouldn’t be performed in any means. Even if you can’t support your child, there are many organizations in the country that can help through donation. This may sound cruel, but even if the parent doesn’t want their child; they could always put their child in a foster home. In any modern society today married couple are allow to keep both side of the families’ name. For example my girlfriend’s niece’s surname is name after her brother in law and her sister. I have also notice it is more important to carry down the family name in Asian countries. I’m not sure about the theory behind that. It is sad to say that even my family prefers a boy over a girl. In the future, I would like to have two kids, one boy and one girl. I would also prefer that my son to be older than my daughter; not for the reason of carrying down my family name, but to protect his little sister. This is my ideal situation but it doesn’t matter what sex they turn out to be, I would still spoil them love and gifts. If my family ever threaten my wife my wife to have a boy instead of a girl; I would “flip out” on them. However, this might be different in Canada because we get to choose our wife instead of being in an arranged marriage where the husband might not even care about the wife.

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