Thursday, 26 May 2011

Chinese New year

My parents are Chinese immigrants from China and Vietnam. China and Vietnam both share similar traditions, but the main one that is celebrated in my family is Chinese New Year. Mainly, because most of my relative that lives in Edmonton are Chinese. During Chinese New Year, there is a gathering of many families that would come to my home for Chinese New Year eve reunion dinner. During the dinner people would catch up on their life with one or the other. Also everyone there would pray to the god and goddess. In their prayer they would ask for good luck either for themselves or kids. For example, a lot of parents would ask the god and goddess to guide their kids into becoming successful in life. On the day of Chinese New Year, adults would hand out red envelopes to the children. The red envelope contains money; the children can either decide to save it or spend it as they please. When I was a little boy, my parent would bring me down to China town to see the parade. The parade was filled with excitement like the lion dance, people throwing firecrackers on the floor, and a lot of food. Chinese new year consist of 15 days. Every day during the Chinese New Year means something different; unfortunately I don’t know them all. On the 7th day of Chinese New Year, people would grow old year older and my family would celebrate this by making tossed fish salad. In the making of the fish salad, people would come together and make wishes for wealth and prosperity. On the last day of Chinese New Year is also known as the lantern festival. The really tradition Chinese people would walk on the street with lantern and have lion dances, but my family just hung lanterns outside the door. I would definitely keep this aspect throughout my life and will definitely teach it to my kids, so they can keep the tradition alive, and experience joy that I did.

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