Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Monsoon Wedding

In the beginning of the movie, I was actually confused on what is actually happening in the movie. I was so concentrating on what people were trying say, and I lost focus on the movie. Unfortunately, I am unable to multitask properly, and ended up missing parts of the movie. So I spend a lot of time going back to watch it again. However, there were parts in the movie where subtitles helped a lot to understand what is actually happening.

During the movie, I noticed that the director is trying to express the influence of western culture on Indian society. For example, the main character decided to get married for two reasons. First, her family had arranged a marriage for her. Secondly, she mentions that after reading an “American magazine” she decide, it was better to settle down early anyways. To be honest, I would have never have thought of the idea western culture, if we didn’t bring it up in class. What really surprised me was that how the bride cheated on her fiancĂ© with her ex boyfriend and had the courage to tell him the truth.

I personally never have been to an Indian wedding, so I was shocked by how massive and expensive it can be. I also found the clothing that the people were wearing to be very colorful and beautiful. Everyone had a unique piece of clothing, although they were mainly the same style, but everyone had different design and color on them. Overall, I enjoyed the movie, despite the slow beginning.

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